No Big Deal PB UK | Bethany Rutter

No Big Deal PB UK

Bethany Rutter

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קטגוריה: מגוון מוצרים ב20% הנחה, Young Adults, 
הוצאה: Pan Macmillan UK
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Emily knows she´s smart. Emily knows she´s funny. Emily knows she´s awesome. Emily knows she´s fat.
She doesn´t need anyone to tell her any of these things - she likes herself and she likes her body. She just thinks it´s time everyone else caught up.
With a newly-slim bestie, a mum knee-deep in fad diets and increasing pressure to change, Emily faces a constant battle to be her true self. But when she meets gorgeous Joe, things start to change. Somehow, she´s going to have to convince everyone, including herself, that it´s no big deal.
No Big Deal is a funny and inspiring debut YA novel from Bethany Rutter: influencer, editor and a fierce UK voice in the debate around body positivity.

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