All Woman and Springtime | B. W. Jones

All Woman and Springtime

B. W. Jones

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מחיר באתר: 57.6 ₪

קטגוריה: Fiction, 
הוצאה: Orion UK
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Gi lives behind North Korea´s iron curtain under the watchful eye of Dear Leader. As an orphan, growing up on a diet of thin soup and propaganda, life is a constant struggle against hunger and fear. But when she meets headstrong Il-sun, tender Gi finds consolation in another human being for the first time, and their unlikely friendship grows as deep as the bond between sisters. Everything changes when they fall victim to a people trafficker and are indentured into the sex trade, first south of the border and then in America. The hardships they face on their journey from East to West test them to the very limits of what it is possible to endure.
Perfect for fans of Khaled Hosseini and Chris Cleave, heart-wrenching but ultimately redemptive, ALL WOMAN AND SPRINGTIME provides an unforgettable insight into the most mysterious and unknown country on earth, and in Gi paints a portrait of a young woman who loses everything but refuses to be destroyed.

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